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iPad study App review for CCNA

CCNA Apps to Try

Got my CCNA today 5/21/2012. Was an intense test. When studying for the CCNA and weeding through iPad apps, three are worth using:

Global Knowledge CCNA iPad App

Global Knowledge CCNA Exam Prep – Free iPad App

The Global Knowledge CCNA Exam Prep iPad App is worth a free download. No impressive graphics, it just gets down to business. Each practice test has 15 questions drawing from a pool of 100 questions (but they say they’ll be adding more).

If you’re thinking about the CCNA Boot Camp, there’s a discount code for $500 off the $3595 course at the end of the practice test.

Since the practice tests cover all the subject areas, it’s a good overview of the material, but you can’t focus on any specific area you need to work on. Also, if you’re concerned about improving your test taking speed, this app doesn’t track your time.

Most apps will show you the correct answer, but this one does the best job giving helpful explanations about why an answer was right or wrong.

Global Knowledge CCNA iPad App

The app is also available for the iPhone, but they’ve got some bugs to work out. Longer questions and explanations are sometimes cut off and it doesn’t include a CCNA Boot Camp discount code, which I imagine is an oversight. When you complete the 15 question test there’s a button labeled “CCNA Class Discount,” but it links out to their CCNA Boot Camp website with the $3595 price.

Global Knowledge – iPhone App
Global Knowledge CCNA Exam Prep Questions - Global Knowledge Training LLC

Global Knowledge – iPad App
Global Knowledge CCNA Exam Prep Questions - Global Knowledge Training LLC


CCNA For Dummies iPad App

CCNA for Dummies – iPad App

I’m liking the CCNA for Dummies app. At $19.99 it’s the priciest of the apps, but it also has the most questions and breaks them out by subject area. You can choose to take timed practice tests of 20, 45, 55, 150 or 230 questions. It’s a great companion to their book CCNA Certification All-In-One For Dummies. I can test myself on the sections I’ve read and wait on the stuff I haven’t gotten to  yet. I also like its “Days Until Test” countdown.

The app includes a “Test Taking Tips” section that covers making arrangments to take the CCNA exam with links, detailed exam topics, and even what to do on test day. Test day is under a heading “The Day the Earth Stood Still – Exam Day”.

A “Domain/Topic Matrix” links exam objectives to practice tests. This is very useful in buliding confidence and ensuring you know all objectives. This is one of my favorite parts of this app.


CCNA for Dummies Ipad App Screen Shot
CCNA for Dummies Ipad App Screen Shot

CCNA for Dummies – iPhone App
CCNA Practice For Dummies - gWhiz, LLC

CCNA for Dummies – iPad App
CCNA Practice For Dummies - gWhiz, LLC


VCE Mobile - iPad App

VCE Mobile – iPad App
VCE Mobile – iPhone App 

If you like Test Dumps VCE Mobile is an App for iPad and iPhone that makes working through them a very nice experience. At $14.99 it is well worth it. Great way to review and memorize something “Very” close to the test. VCE is a default on certification tests especially Cisco. Not only do you need to learn that material but also the nature of the test.

Best place to study is on the couch and this App works smooth and makes a cold test dump a much more aesthetically pleasing experience. You can click on an image from most tests and pinch it larger. Practice tests along with just “going through” is supported. I like being able to quickly gesture between the App and and other documentation to look up questions I want to understand better. My belief is study + dumps = success and the best true learning of the material.

Download the latest CCNA test dump here (Free) do your Dropbox .
From iPad click in your dropbox and select (top right of screen) open with VCE.

*Note: There are endless dumps at Exam Collection. Really is “The Source”. Most of the dumps you pay for in expensive software and at boot camps come from here. Each dump will have comments and votes so it is easy to see which fits best.

VCE Mobile – iPhone App
VCE Mobile - Avanset

VCE Mobile – iPad App
VCE Mobile - Avanset


CCNA Apps to Skip

Not going to trust my exam prep to some no name publisher.

CCNA Study Guide & Exam Prep (802) iPad App CCNA Study Guide & Exam Prep (802)
Looks like Cisco and they’re charging $8.99, but this app is published by “Moghul Solutions.” Who?



CCNA Sample Exam Questions iPad App CCNA Sample Exam Questions
$4.99 for “over 40 questions.” Another no name publisher.



TestMe CCNA and TestMe Lite iPad Apps TestMe Lite and TestMe CCNA
The lite version only has 5 questions, with “Continue” or “Buy” options  popping up after each question. Obnoxious. I didn’t bother trying their $8.99 paid version, but reviewers reported that it has numerous errors. Another no name publisher.


CCNA Challenge Lite and CCNA Challenge Pro
These guys at least have a website, but they assigned a speed reader to build out the app. The CCNA exam gives you 90 minutes for 45 to 55 questions. This app gives you 15 seconds per question in “slow” mode and 5 seconds per question in “fast” mode. You can operate in an untimed mode, but it’s still a thumbs down because the app doesn’t tell you the correct answers to the questions you missed.


For other CCNA study guides I have reviewed checkout another page on this side Study Guide for Cisco CCNA

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  1. Thanks again for doing a review of the Global Knowledge CCNA Exam Prep! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and input.

    Domingo Rogers
    SLE Sales Engineer – Global Knowledge Training

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