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Uncle Tony’s Garage – Way Of The Gearhead Monk

Uncle Tony’s Garage – Way Of The Gearhead Monk

We live Mopar but have our hands in a little bit of everything. Old school simplicity and common sense Hot Rodding is what we’re all about. Classic Muscle cars, vintage daily drivers. street and drag racing, DIY wrenching and budget builds the common working man can afford.
Uncle Tony’s Garage is similar to the great car magazines of the 60’s and 70’s. A wide variety of topics and features any gearhead can relate to.
In addition to our ongoing project builds, we also post videos on viewers cars, historic factory cars as well as race cars and street machines. You’ll also find unique personality profiles and even the occasional vehicle rescue. And now, with our newe facilities we’re branching out into the worlds of Off Road and Autocross. UTG is the only place on earth you’ll find a Chrysler Slant Six powered Miata, and we’ve got plenty more like that lined up for the future.





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