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Great Parable on Visionary Leadership

Great Parable on Visionary Leadership

Recording “Stairway To Heaven…”, assistant engineer Richard Digby-Smith recalled how: “They ran back upstairs to listen to the recording again. It sounds wonderful. Bonham says, ‘That’s it!'” But Page is silent. He’s a man of few words anyway. With his hand on his chin, he says, “Mmm, hmm” – you never knew what he was thinking. Then Bonham looks at him and asks, “What is it?” Jimmy says he’s convinced that they can do a better take. Well, Bonham isn’t happy at all. “It always happens – we do a great take and you want to do it again. Bonzo grabs the drumsticks, huffing and puffing, mumbling, “One more take and that’s it.” Wait until his big entrance and, of course, when the drums come in, if you thought the previous one was good, this one is just explosive. And when they listen back, Bonham looks at Jimmy as if to say, “You’re always right.”

Led Zeppelin

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