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VEIL on HiveOS

VEIL on HiveOS

Introduction Videos

Veil Coin – New X16rt Algorithm – Review & Mining Guide – nVidia & AMD GPUs

Recent News on VEIL

The Veil Project Has Launched, Mine it Using the X16RT Algorithm

Understanding Zerocoin
In this article, we’re going to take a practical look into how the fascinating Zerocoin protocol works to provide anonymity.

Setup Wallet VEIL Wallet

Download Wallet and Install

Create getnewbasecoinaddress for Mining

Trick here is you must create a getnewbasecoinaddress to send mined VEIL to.

Once wallet is installed Settings => Advanced Options => at the command line run command getnewbasecoinaddress

Now you are seeing beyond the VEIL!

Create Account on Supernova Pool

The mining pool is pretty nice.

Most info needed for setup is at the above link – for many that might be all that is needed. Also that link covers setup on Linux with AMD and NVIDIA GPU’s. 

Register on Suprnova and Create Worker

  • Register here, or login if you already have account
  • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login

Create Worker Example

Below creates a worker cowboycraig coming from mining rig name 1060_01


Running Miner on CLI

If you are not running HiveOS examples of startup are at gettingstarted


Running Miner on HiveOS

Create HiveOS VEIL Wallet

Name the wallet your worker name on Suprnova (Example here is cowboycraig)

Address is

Create HiveOS VEIL Flight Sheet

Create what would be expected below and click “Setup Miner Config”

Below example works with my cowboycraig worker name on Suprnova. Had to hardcode it for some reason the usual variable wasn’t working.

Running Example on Suprnova

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