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GRIN Gold Miner on HiveOS

GRIN Gold Miner on HiveOS


1/22/2019 Update

Have had issues with HiveOS native GrinMiner and GrinGoldMiner installing.

bminer is running great hash and working without issue. Screenshots of setup below. Running against F2 pool.





Older News

GRIN is now on TradeOgre

How To Mine Grin Coin | Windows & Linux Mining Guide + What is GrinCoin anyway?


GitHub for GRIN on HiveOS

GRIN Pools

See what GRIN pools are most active

Sparkpool is kind of a “Pain in the Ass” but does work.

WARNING Have gotten reports that people cannot get GRIN off this pool 1/16/2019. Will note here if people get past issues.
Just got GRINmint working, below are my screenshots.

F2 seems to be working well.

Hive OS F2 Config

Create an account at F2. Your username and password will be needed for miner login to exchange.

HiveOS F2 Screenshots

Pool URL:Port

Custom Miner URL


Flight Sheet Setup 01

Flight Sheet Setup 02

Click on “Setup Miner Config” from above screenshot.

Hive OS Config

WARNING Have gotten reports that people cannot get GRIN off this pool 1/16/2019. Will note here if people get past issues. 

Grinmint Documentation:

HiveOS Screeshots

Installation URL:

Pool URL:

Note the FAQ here:

Isn’t noted below but following the FAQ suggestion and adding +randomvalue of some and kind and pawword is a good idea. Password would be in “Pass” field. Didn’t add here because have not tested to satisfaction to pass on. Was having trouble getting “Pass” to send over to Pool. Without password limited to email payouts from GRINmint.

Even tried hardcoding values in grin-miner.toml

stratum_server_login = “”
stratum_server_password = “myverystrongpassword”

But didn’t seem to pass over that way either. More on this at Setup FAQ at GRINmint

What I am sure works is below.

After this apply Flight Sheet apply to miner.

Goto Pool URL (edit for your email):


If your on a mac and not used to the vi editor Text Edit can be used. Open files like this:

open -a TextEdit $HOME/.grin/main/grin-wallet.toml

Mainnet GRIN Wallet Config

Wallets can be downloaded here:

# Download for your architecture

# Start Node (needed for Wallet to work properly)


Cool huh? You can see the posse out there.

# Init Wallet

./grin  wallet -p password init

# Configure Listener

vi $HOME/.grin/main/grin-wallet.toml

# Edit the noted line

#host IP for wallet listener, change to “” to receive grins
#api_listen_interface = “”
api_listen_interface = “”

# Fire up the listener!

./grin wallet listen

20190115 11:10:54.137 WARN grin_wallet::controller – Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
20190115 11:10:54.137 WARN grin_wallet::controller – HTTP Foreign listener started.

# Open needed firewall port. Note for wallet to work this needs to be port forwarded through firewall/router.

ufw allow 13415

Now the GRINmint pool can send you deposits.

# Check wallet status

./grin wallet status


GRIN Payouts from GRINmint

I didn’t set a password at the start so had to use email method. It worked. Info on working with attachment here:




######## Older Pre-Mainnet Stuff Below ########


Sparkpool is supporting testnet and has instructions for GRIN Miner setup.

Follow realworlducs on twitter, will be tweeting updates
IF YOU get some updates please let me know on twitter.

Hive announcements channel.
All discussions are in this group

Chat and support for Hive OS.
Announcements are on other channel

Posted 3:06 MST 1/14

YES! – Custom Miner: GrinGoldMiner!

NOTE!# use updated GRIN Minder in flightsheet for below setup

Got the custom miner working

This works. Something to note the Hive OS “Wallet and worker template” in custom config is:

This is setup when registering with Sparkpool

Note that a random email is created when registering at Sparkpool, so be sure to add one that you own. HiveOS Wallet address does not really matter unless passing as variable (I didn’t, just hardcoded “your_email/rig_name”).


Grin is under development. Launch planned for Jan. 15th 2019.

Have this running on Ubuntu Server. HiveOS Custom Miner, is said to be scheduled for race day from Hive (even a pool). Can scroll to bottom to see non-custom minter cut and paste (just getting working already) version. Some recent news on mining GRIN H4SHR8 Crypto Mining Podcast

The grin-miner requires 8GB of RAM. Process will run out of memory with less and kernel will kill it.

CPU Requirements:

“They say to use an i5 but you might be able to get away with an i3.  Celerons are gonna get rekt” ~ Source

That is a pricey CPU upgrade. Also note motherboard has to be compatible!

Intel Core i5-8400 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.0 GHz LGA 1151 300 Series 65W

Did get a hold of a GRIN Dev and asked about this on

So what does all this mean? Seems 8GB of RAM is needed for sure, but CPU requirements are uncertain (to me at least). Would not upgrade for race day if CPU works on Floonet/Testnet. Very good reason to test your rig now! 

GRIN Information


GRIN Miner on GitHub

GRIN Forum

GRIN Mining Pools This appears to be the most popular.

GRIN Social Media

The twitter is pretty active

Introduction Videos

Info on MimbleWimble from the master
Bitcoin Q&A: MimbleWimble and Dandelion

Good description of GRIN
Davincij15 reveals GRIN COIN!! How to participate & profit?

This is Short and To the Point
Mimblewimble Launches: BEAM vs Grin

If you would like to deep dive into MimbleWimble. This is good.
What is MimbleWimble? (incl. Grin)

Long and OK
MimbleWimble – Beam And Grin

Build GRIN Miner

This is an AMAZING video walkthrough that follows. Pretty much all you need.

Getting Set Up With Grin

How to Mine GRIN with Mining Pool (Ubuntu + Nvidia)

Getting Set Up With Grin

Note will need to add –floonet to all commands for testnet

Only testnet exists so this represents setup for that. Once race day comes Jan 15th will update for production. Planning on having a testnet custom miner before the 15th. Not sure if HiveOS will have a production miner for GRIM by the 15th. If not, will kick one out.

Post at Bitcointalk covering EVERYTHING
[ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community

Specific Setups For CPU/CPU Mining

Read through all the Guides below, a successful setup requires pieces of each.
At the bottom of post, put my mostly cut and paste setup for GRIN Miner on HiveOS.

Grin Mining Pool — GPU Mining — How To

Grin Mining Pool — CPU Mining — How To

“Getting Set Up With Grin” below flows well and gets all pieces in place after the above GPU/CPU setup

Getting Set Up With Grin

Super Quick Example (not custom miner integrated)

These are my mostly cut and paste notes on a successful install on HiveOS. These should work on Ubuntu also but are not tested there. 

It gets complicated and like most I “just want it to work” so here is fast-track.

All that is needed to mine GRIN against a pool is a GRIN Miner and GRIN Wallet Listener. A GRIN Node has to be running for the wallet to work, and that is covered in the Listener section. A Node helps the network anyhow so go for it.

Best practice (IMHO) is to have Wallet Listener and Node running on separate machine from Miner.

I ran out of space on default HiveOS partition, so you might want to grow. This is a very good practice for a HiveOS setup anyway. There is an option at the HiveOS miner CLI login that works.
Resize filesystem to fill disk

Create account at
These will be the credentials you login with in miner config. 

GRIN Miner


(Did the CPU Miner first to ‘make sure it all works’ and not interrupt GPU mining on same rig)

sudo su – root

mkdir ~/mwgrinpool
cd ~/mwgrinpool
apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y curl git cmake make zlib1g-dev pkgconf \
ncurses-dev libncursesw5-dev linux-headers-generic g++ \

curl -sSf | sh

source $HOME/.cargo/env

# For some reason the $ENV for root is jacked a little, so run this to get straight. 
sudo su – root

cd ~/mwgrinpool
git clone
cd grin-miner
git submodule update –init
cargo build –release

# Below commands are nice, or just look at what is happening and edit grin-miner.toml

# login for the stratum server (if required)
stratum_server_login = “username”

# password for the stratum server (if required)
stratum_server_password = “password”

sed -i ‘s/stratum_server_addr.*/stratum_server_addr = “″/’ grin-miner.toml

# Note below two steps are login created at

# Type username

printf “\nUsername: ” && read username && sed -i ‘s/.*stratum_server_login.*/stratum_server_login = “‘$username'”/’ grin-miner.toml

# Type password

printf “\nPassword: ” && read password && sed -i ‘s/.*stratum_server_password.*/stratum_server_password = “‘$password'”/’ grin-miner.toml

# How many cores you got?

grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo

# Select number of cores to mine with

printf “\nNumber of Processors: ” && read nthreads && sed -i ‘s/^nthreads.*/nthreads = ‘$nthreads’/’ grin-miner.toml

# RUN IT! I had to re-image HiveOS first time, because process would die without logging any reason. Fresh HiveOS worked fine. 


If quickly after launching process dies check /var/log/syslog. Found that 4g wasn’t enough to run the miner.

GRIN Wallet Listener

There are two parts. The Listener and the Web Wallet. Might be a very good idea NOT to run the wallet on miner.

Note: To run a listener and get payouts from pool, will need TCP port 13415 forwarded from external IP through to machine running Listener.



# Install dependencies

apt-get update
apt-get install build-essential cmake git libgit2-dev clang libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev zlib1g-dev pkg-config libssl-dev

# Download and install Wallet (these are Node also)

git clone
cd grin
cargo build –release

# Start Node (needed for Wallet to work properly)

./grin/target/release/grin –floonet

# After running below command, note the “recovery phrase”

./target/release/grin –floonet wallet -p Make_Up_A_Password init

vi .grin/floo/grin-wallet.toml

# Edit the noted line

#host IP for wallet listener, change to “” to receive grins
#api_listen_interface = “”
api_listen_interface = “”

# Open needed firewall port. Note for wallet to work this needs to be port forwarded through firewall/router.

ufw allow 13415

# Fire up the listener!

# Command will hang up window/terminal so escape to screen or leave terminal/window open.

./grin/target/release/grin –floonet wallet listen

./grin/target/release/grin –floonet wallet listen
20190109 19:21:13.599 WARN grin_wallet::controller – Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
20190109 19:21:13.600 WARN grin_wallet::controller – HTTP Foreign listener started.

# Get some testnet coins. This will show if wallet has proper connectivity. This is better documented in source document above this section. 

# This requests GRIN

source $HOME/.cargo/env
cd $HOME/grin/

The output of above command is fun “Of what awaits the sin of greed, For those who take, but do not earn, Must pay most dearly in their turn. Wait 5.7 minutes.

# Info on Wallet (did the GRIN arrive? Takes a while)
./target/release/grin –floonet wallet info



Configure Pool To Send Payments to Listener


Add your external address and listener port. Will need a port forward at firewall for this.

# After a while check to see if GRIN is coming your way

./target/release/grin –floonet wallet txs








Web Wallet

Still Do Not Have This Working! Gave up on Web Wallet, since it isn’t essential to mine. 


# Go home

cd $HOME/.grin

# Edit this file

vi floo/grin-wallet.toml

# Comment out

#api_secret_path = “/root/.grin/.api_secret”

# Don’t know what this does, but needs to be running

cd $HOME/

./grin/target/release/grin –floonet wallet owner_api

# Build Web Wallet

git clone
cd grin-web-wallet
apt install npm
npm install -g @angular/cli
npm install

# Start Web Wallet

ng serve

# Appears the Web Wallet is only available from localhost


# Even with all running, I get the below error and cannot get the Web Wallet working. If you have any ideas email me Thanks!



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