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UCS is the iPad of Blade Systems


UCS is the iPad of Blade Systems

At PCC (Pacific Coast Co-op) I noticed the difference between Linux, Windows, and Apple people.

Linux people always seem to ride the bus and bring their own bags. They don’t like getting more than they can carry without a cart of any kind. They sneer at people who don’t bring their own bags. They often comment on the elevator music being played and note organic standards don’t matter since the federal government stole them from the states. The checker just agrees while inner frustration simmers having to actually count change (because all checkers secretly hate people who still use money).  Linux user exits with frozen burritos and organic pop tarts in their own bag.

Windows people use a cart and don’t bring their own bags. They have lots of money and buy all kinds of stuff. They are happy in a worker bee kind of way. Life is easy, but not radiant.

Apple users grab the sporty little carts. They get a few quality things and look up recipes on their iPhone. They get spices from bulk for exotic dishes. They are “bring your own bag neutral”. They get done in half the time and are out the door but still have time to tweet a pic of the amazing apples on sale.

So what am I getting at?

UCS is literally the iPad of Blade Systems. Yes there are other blade systems just like there are tablet computers but who cares, they suck. For the next few years UCS will be “More” than just the best blade system. Just like the iPad is “More” than the best tablet. Both are a class their own.

What does the UCS Datacenter look like? Like a Linux, Windows, or OSX shopper?



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