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6104 UCS with 14 Chassis of B200 M2 Blades ran into bug in 2.0 Code Update

On our 6104 UCS with 14 Chassis of B200 M2 Blades we ran into bug


There is a Thread on the Cisco forums following the 2.0 code update

Right after our first step the UCSM activation all the blades went into re-config and went offline (crashed the OS). Many had re-numbered NIC’s.


FCoE VLAN was changed to 2 before update. There were no VLAN overlaps etc, UCS was perfect before update, 0 errors across top left of screen. After UCSM Activeate to 2.0 Code all blades has this error:

Blade Errors Screenshot
Blade Errors Screenshot


In the end we had to disassociate and associate all the service profiles to get the blades back online.


Also one of our vNIC pin groups will not work in failover mode after rollback. Had to switch to one fabric, and not check Enable Failover. Will work with TAC to figure that out.


TAC said a patched version of 2.0 will be out in 1 to 2 weeks that does not crash your UCS while updating. Looking forward to that.


A picture is worth a thousand words so I will summarize yesterdays 2.0 upgrade attempt with this:


Car Flying off Cliff
Car Flying off Cliff










Wrote a later post on best UCS code update order.
This code update order will get you through most upgrades smooth sailing.

After taking a break to let some code updates roll, ran the 2.0(1w) code update without error. Nice and smooth like usual.



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