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I hosted Blacklisted Radio 2.7.2016

What does this have to do with UCS? Nothing really, think of this as a PSA. To know me is toe shake your head at times and mumble “crazy”. It fits.
Have never hosted a live show before. Had a lot of stories to cover and didn’t get through too many because I was afraid of moving too quickly and running out of material. Ended up only going through a 3rd of what I had ready!
Doug who usually does the show and runs needed a break and asked me to do the show. He makes it sound sooo easy!
So this is me “making some notes about the weeks news stories and ‘just doing it'”. Amateur broadcaster for sure, but I did it. Daunting as it is but the “Live” feeling is also exhilarating. Well long as the train of thought isn’t lost and dead airtime starts to attack confidence like Zombies.
Learned a lot just doing one show. If I get to do it again, will be much better. Amazing what we learn “once we start” something.
I sort of stutter and lose pace a few times… mainly because I don’t know what the pace should be (yet). Very good learning experience. Even learned a lot on how to have notes ready. The ones I made were not written in a way fast enough for reading on air. Need to “can” it all a lot better, to leave room for thinking.
This show streamed live on

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