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Cisco UCS power per Chassis and PSU balance

Figuring out AMP draw per chassis and PSU balance can be confusing, so I made an .xls to help with the process.

Adding up chassis vs. individual PSU’s does not add up 100% equal. Have never seen it more than an AMP or two different. Should be close.

With M200 blades under load seeing an average of 1.5 AMP’s per PSU. It is good to know this for PDU balancing.

The sheet is here, just plug in your numbers.

Get chassis power from Equipment/Chassis/Chassis #/Power (Chassis Input Power Watts /  Line Volts =  Amps)

Get chassis power from Equipment/Chassis/Chassis #/PSUs/Psu #/Statistics (Output Power (W) / Volts = Amps)

After plugging this chassis into a single PDU found that it was pulling 6.6 Amps.

When working with Cisco UCS a common question is “How many Amps is it pulling”. Sometimes different chassis have different hardware so chassis Amperage can vary. Another common question is “What are the Amps idle, and under load?”.

Don’t want to get into power settings for UCS, but it is good to know your balancing is working.

Sometimes PDU’s are not metered or you don’t trust them or you don’t have access. It is always good to be able to give the definitive answer on what your UCS is pulling power wise.





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