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Update to UCS Central 1.3.1a Quick Steps and Pics “It’s Different!”

UCS Team Central Upgrade Process

1) Login to UCS Central and backup of config

Central Backup Config
2) Snapshot Central VM

3) Go to VM “Edit Properties” and set CD/DVD to ISO in Datastore

Force BIOS Setup
4) Reboot VM from within UCS Central Console

connect local-mgmt
The system will be rebooted.  Are you sure? (yes/no): yes

5) Check BIOS Settings and ensure ISO will be booted from

BIOS Settings


Exit and allow boot

5) Follow upgrade process

Upgrade Existing Cisco UCS Central 01

Upgrade Existing Cisco UCS Central 02
6) Validate upgrade (Are all the UCS’s still there?). The new interface is different for sure!

Login to the new Cisco UCS Central, but switch to the “New Age” interface first (if you pack the gear).

Switch to Next Generation UCS Interface


Following Login Screen

Switch to Next Generation UCS Interface 02

Welcome to the New UCS Central!

New UCS Central 01
Crap, where is all my stuff now? Looks cool though.

To get back to previous default view.

Get to Standard 01

Get to Standard 02


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