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UCS Blade Code updates, Cisco you went…

Cisco you went Full Retard
Cisco you went Full Retard


UCS Blade Code only updates through UCSM but not reboot from OS?

Cisco… You Went Full Retard

After the Automated Blade Code Update servers are left at “User Acknowledge” usually.


B & C Series Blade code does not update with a reboot from the OS. It does if User Acknowledge is selected from UCSM. Understandable that the option to ignore OS reboots and “Not” update blade code should exist. But to have no option to allow does not work for “Real World UCS”.


A good deal of the Server Team end users don’t know what a UCS is or have only KVM access if that. This creates a hard situation for UCS Administrators. A server reboot has to be coordinated with UCSM User Acknowledge reboot. How is this manageable especially with multi-tenant UCS IaaS?


Is there a way to set the UCS to update B & C Series code when rebooted from the OS? If not…
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