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Interview With Bill Ottman CEO – Meeting of the Minds

About Guest

CEO of Bill Ottman in conversation with Radiant Creators & Hester of Alternate Current Radio in a special collaboration.

We cover many topics including new features coming to Minds soon, prominent and increasing censorship in mainstream media and social media, Bills motivations in creating Minds, security of user data, and how censorship driving new users to Minds.

The new features coming are game changers and can be downloaded from GitHub for those interested in an early checkout. One of features to are Jitsi a video conferencing system similar to Skype. Radiant Creators believes Jitsi will “Killer App” that grows the Minds platform greatly. Another is Nomad Nomad a decentralized social network. No centralized servers are required in order to communicate with nomad. Nomad would use an ETH wallet address as user ID and truly be “Social Media on the Blockchain”.

Something every special about is it can be downloaded and run independently. All the code is open source and can be reviewed and implemented by users.

Show Links

Interview – SoundCloud

Interview – YouTube

Interview – BitChute

Interview – iTunes

Interview – iHeartRadio

Interview – Spreaker

Interview – MP3
Download complete show as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as”.

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