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Cisco UCS Boot from SAN with OpenFiler

Update 2/24/2012
FreeNAS does not support FC Targets. Setting up iSCSI boot now since upgrading to 2.0 Code level. So far it is a bit complex. Will post how it goes.


Update 2/12/2012
Little update on this project. In the end the FC Target Feature in OpenFiler was too much trouble to get working. Will try again in future releases. Going to give this another go with FreeNAS if it supports FC Targets. BUT the new UCS 2.0 code supports iSCSI boot and would not require a SAN switch. For many that might be a better direction in staying stateless. Will be working with iSCSI boot shortly and will have posts about it.


Original Post
Would be very cool to be able to Boot from OpenFiler It would offer iSCSI targets and Boot from SAN. Testing this out with an HP Server attached to a HP JBOD with a nice RAID card.

Can see the OpenFiler setup right Between Xiotech and UCS.












Straight from

With a range of file-based and block-based storage export protocols, there is something in Openfiler for everyone. Openfiler provides both block-level and file-level storage networking capabilities. At the block-level, storage can be exported via:

Fibre Channel

Let’s see if this works.

Good HowTo:

This is a support post listing steps I took to configure and where POC is dead in the water:

Not seeing really active OpenFiler support forum activity under FC. Support can be purchased. But out of the box “just doing it for free” seems to be a no-go for me. That is unless the OpenFiler FC forum gets active.

Will report back if any progress is made.




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