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How Isilon is different from traditional storage architecture

Working on Isilon POC. They work together So Well!

Very good youtube on Isilon Architecture.


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  1. Dan Dan

    Did I miss something in that video?
    Because it seemed to me like he was talking about the archaic design that EMC and NetApp and other SAN vendors use but didnt really talk about Isilon works at all.

    I agree with his points but still have no clue “How Isilon is different”.

    • Isilon does not use the two controller model, that is a big difference. Each chassis brings an additional two CPU’s, cache, and 2x10g ports. So 5 chassis has 100g of throughput. SmartConnect as Isilon calls it load balances over all 10 interfaces. One IP in the pool will be the smartconnect IP to aim hosts at. There can be multiple pools. Load balancing can be based on different settings. Throughput is my usual of choice. Uses what ever port can move the most data.

      Performance monitoring is done at the network, file system, and file level. It is amazing with their InsightIQ license. Also cli tools exist that will get you down to file heat maps and individual disks. That just don’t exist with block level SAN.

      There is only on big filespace and integrates with SMB and NFS very well. No RAID or stripe groups to mess with. That is something smarter vendors are doing like HP with the EVA line.

      You can upgrades an Isilon one chassis at a time without interruption.


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