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How I read a book a day “Life is too short to read slow!”

Our ability to make money is almost 100% equal to our ability to learn rapidly.

This may seem a little off topic for this blog but is not. UCS is all about innovation and what is next. Keeping up with that requires speed reading.

“Life is too short to read slow!” ~ RealWorldUCS 🙂



Tim Ferriss has a great blog post on Speed Reading that helped me read much faster immediately. I like my results on the hurry-up.

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes



Kwik Learning Mini Series Part 3 – Speed Reading



Notes for Kwik learning video

My base was 24 lines.

5 Obstacles to effective reading

  • Lack of education. Move of us did not get the proper training to read quickly.
  • Lack of focus. Ever read something and realize you have no idea what you just read? A lot of people think if you read faster comprehension would go down but this is not the case. Quicker readers have better comprehension. We can jam a data-stream of text from a book into our super computer brain. We fall asleep reading because the slow data-stream puts us to sleep!
  • Sub-vocalization slows us down to the speed we can speak. The average talking speed is 150-250 words a minute, so that explains the average reading speed of 150-250 words a minute. When you see a stop sign that is a “Sight Word”, you don’t sub-vocalize it, but you know what it means.
  • Regression. Re-reading happens. It bores the brain.
  • Limiting Beliefs. “If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you cannot, you cannot” ~ Henry Ford.

Meta Learning

  • Use your finger while you read. Why: Children do it, you do it (when counting lines you read), Eyes are attracted to motion (think hunter gatherer seeing everything), Tactile experience. Use left hand to right side of brain experiences also, rather than just left brain “Download”. Smell and Taste the text.

Tips to make this more effective

  • Use it or lose it.
  • Teach it.
  • Read with book in front of you so that you are not looking “Down” at it and collapsing diaphragm.
  • Lazy 8’s.



This video is more fun than informative but worth the watch. Basically this one is fun and about how to “Skim like a Boss”.

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