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Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More)

Time Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Time Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegg

Cisco UCS news is a little slow lately so doing some PSA and Fun posts. After all UCS is for people that enjoy life!

Why should you checkout a very fun interview with Arnold? Because he killed Predator!!!! Just like UCS killed HP Blade systems! But let’s face it, HP Blade system were a lot uglier and evil than Predator.

Even if you have mixed emotions about Arnold this is a great interview on “how to kick ass” in life and take on challenges like Predator. If you are around my age 45, you grew up with Arnolds action movies and this is a fun insight into the “Governator”. It is like when you listen to 80 metal when no one is around…

Take a break and enjoy some Arnold! forwards to blog post.


May Krom be with you!

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