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Cisco Unified Computing System 2.0: New Hardware and Software Features — Video from Live Webcast


You might need a cisco ID to login and see this video but they are free to create at 

The new 2.0 code offers so many features like iSCSI boot. This is a great way to create redundancy for a boot SAN. The new 6200 FI ports individually are set to FC or Ethernet. No more dedicated FC modules. IOM’s do true port-channeling. The new features are too many to list. This video gets into the details.

Jose Martinez and Matthew Wronkowski are escalation engineers for the Server Virtualization Product.

 This video is the live session given where you can learn about new features supported on Unified Computing System (UCS) Generation.

Topics include the UCS 6200, Fabric Inter connect, 2200 IO Modules, VIC 1280 mezzanine adapter, an overview of the hardware upgrade process for existing installations among other topics.






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