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BEAM on HiveOS

BEAM on HiveOS

Introduction Videos

BEAM, Interview with Alex Romanov, The CTO of The New Mimblewimble Coin

MimbleWimble – Beam And Grin



BEAM CUDA Miner HiveOS Integration

A very good and proper custom miner integration video here:

BEAM CUDA Miner HiveOS Integration

The Wallet and Flightsheet are covered in above video, but here are my working examples. 

Installation URL

I used the wallet address rather than usual %WAL% variable. For some reason the variable wasn’t working for me. Might for you! 

General Stuff/Links

Below are general notes on setup and how I got it working “FAST” before the customer miner was worked out. Leaving all that because it might be helpful. Might have value for non-HiveOS Linux setups.  

How To Mine BEAM | JUST LAUNCHED | Asic-Resistant GPU Mineable Cryptocurrency

This is for “straight up Linux” or “Windows”

Download Wallet

Download BEAM Miner

Mining Documentation

How I got it working “FAST” before Custom Miner

Downloaded the binary for BEAM from their site ( it runs via command line on HiveOS (and would on standard Linux distro’s).

./beam-cuda-miner –server –key 197a54851f24bb92e41ca5d202815ab8c18b35cf553aad6a124ab3f70891d30732

beam-cuda-miner version

13:28:26 [Info ]: No API started

13:28:26 [Info ]: Connecting to …

13:28:27 [Info ]: Connected to

13:28:27 [Info ]: New job #1 at difficulty 100

13:28:28 [Info ]: GPU:2: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

13:28:28 [Info ]: Submitting solution for job #1 with nonce 39b48b32e972c43d

13:28:31 [Info ]: GPU:3: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

13:28:31 [Info ]: GPU:0: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

13:28:31 [Info ]: GPU:1: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

13:28:34 [Info ]: Submitting solution for job #1 with nonce 83b48b32e972c43d

13:28:36 [Info ]: GPU:0: A:0/R:0, t:39C P:118W fan:25% 5.3/5.3 Sol/s

13:28:36 [Info ]: GPU:1: A:0/R:0, t:39C P:116W fan:25% 6.3/6.3 Sol/s

13:28:36 [Info ]: GPU:2: A:0/R:0, t:40C P:137W fan:25% 9.89/9.89 Sol/s

13:28:36 [Info ]: GPU:3: A:0/R:0, t:39C P:133W fan:25% 4.89/4.89 Sol/s


BEAM Pools and Payments

BEAM Mining Pool Stats


Sparkpool is the most popular pool right now.

Sparkpool Introduction of mining Beam

Many are confused with how payments work. Check out these links:

Beam Transfer Instructions

Beam Payment Policy


Working BEAM on Sparkpool

Have heard good things about but have not tried it yet. 

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