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Arduino equipment and Spirit at the UCS Lab

Testing some new Arduino gear at the UCS lab. Always good to “Stay Curious” and tinker. Tinkering driven by intellectual curiosity leads to self fulfillment and great things (expected and unexpected). If you have the UCS spirit try out some fun Arduino projects. The “Arduino Uno Rev 3 Starter Kit” start kit below that just arrived.

Arduino Uno Rev 3 Starter Kit

Try it out from Amazon. You can get the above kit with all needed to start having fun. Even some cool stickers!

Didn’t order this kit so have not seen it, but it does have a few more goodies for a few more dollars.

Have the below books and each are great. The intro book is an easy quick read that covers the basics and spirit of Arduino.

The Beginning Arduino Programming is a book that is very well laid out and covers developing on Arduino from the ground up. Should be OK for a person without programming experience. Actually it is a good intro to programming book because you “really do stuff” with the programs created. Like learning electronics back in the vacuum tube days.

What are you tinkering with these days?

Have Fun!

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