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2014 Red Hat Summit: Padmasree Warrior, Cisco keynote

What IaaS and the Cloud running on? Plenty of Cisco UCS involved!

This is a very inspiring view into how amazing what many of us are working on. Padmasree Warrior goes a bit deeper into “The Internet of Everything” than usual in a talk like this. Always good to remember how lucky we are to be working in IT at this time. This time will be in the history books. This is always a great example “Girl Power” in IT, as Ms. Warrior is certainly an example of that.

At the making of this video Cisco UCS withing 5 years of launch has gone form 0 to 30k Customers and $2 Billion Revenue.

Published on Apr 15, 2014

Padmasree Warrior, chief technology and strategy officer of Cisco, discusses how the rapid pace of technological change is being driven by major shifts in mobile, cloud, and connected devices (or the Internet of Things). Warrior describes the changing role of IT in a future where “every company will become a tech company,” the significant transformation of security and the traditional datacenter, and Cisco’s innovations for open source cloud computing. Cisco is a platinum sponsor of the 2014 Red Hat Summit.

More on OpenStack integration with Cisco UCS here: Deploying OpenStack with Cisco Networking Compute and Storage

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