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What the Tech Landscape Will Look Like in 2019

Cool vision from Cisco. “Your Smartphone is the Cloud” 🙂

What the Tech Landscape Will Look Like in 2019

What the Tech Landscape Will Look Like in 2019

Expect the number of devices you own to multiply!

Stephanie Chan

May 27 , 2015

We are in an era where technological advances are happening at an exponential rate. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast, in just four years you can expect to see the number of mobile devices skyrocket, non-PC devices to reign supreme, and online video to do a complete takeover of television. Head’s up—maybe it’s time to start carving out some space for those extra devices in your 2019 home-of-the-future.

Billions and Billions of Devices! 


Jumping from a “meager” 14.2 billion devices and connections in 2014, expect to see the number of gadgets worldwide grow to 24.4 billion in 2019.

Mobile Theater


Smartphones will account for 42% of all video-capable devices, up 6% from 2014—meaning you get to enjoy entertainment on-the-go in every plane, train, and automobile.

Non-PC Devices Winning the Race 

Non-PC devices like smartphones and tablets will drive the majority of Internet traffic in the future. It’s a big leap for mobile—in 2014, smartphones drove 8% of global Internet traffic, and that number jumps to 28% in 2019.

Gadgets Galore


You might need to dedicate closet space for all of your fancy new contraptions. If you already are the proud owner of two mobile devices, expect to have even more in the years to come.

YouTube and Beyond 


Internet video will be the leading driver of global Internet traffic in 2019, completely blowing things like data, file sharing, and gaming out of the water.

A Future Without TV?


The box that we know as the television could be a thing of the past as more and more people move to online and mobile video. It’s the consumption of the same entertainment as television but just on a different device, plus the bonus of individually-created content from users all around the world.


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