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UCSX 5th Generation Hardware Update

This is a good “quick” intro to what UCS is. 100% hardware abstraction. UCS domains are even abstracted with UCS Central, Service Profiles can be moved between UCS Domains with Central.

After that the new X series chassis get a “not bad” deep dive. Would have liked to see a new Service Profile created from multiple pieces. The focus on Intersight is “hiding” what UCS is in the video. I think most UCS customers will be using UCSM, or already have Central Architecture.

Cisco may have screwed up a bit if Central is dropped for Intersight. That will leave a lot of frustrated customers. I have worked in places that have 20+ UCS domains in UCS Central. Would like to talk to Cisco about Central vs Intersight.

On very powerful aspect of the X architecture is 100gb throughput is possible to blade. Breaks down as 4x25g channels. I have not seen what a vNIC will show as speed yet. Maybe Cisco will bless me with some demo hardware? : )

(Found this after posting, the vNIC’s are 100g. Cisco UCS X-Series demonstrating 100G end-to-end Ethernet connectivity

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