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UCS Tech Talk: What’s New In the World of UCS Central 1.2(1)

Streamed live on Aug 19, 2014

Join Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers and other data center management experts for a discussion on UCS Central update for the 1.2(1) Release. You will learn more about the newly introduced features of the UCS Central 1.2(1) release, such as new Fabric Interconnect model support, Virtual MIT, WAN Optimization of traffic between UCS Manager and UCS Central, and different approaches on how to best implement and deploy UCS Central at scale.

When: August 19th, 2014 8:00-9:00am PST

Moderator :
Jeff Foster , Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Eric Williams, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Jacob van Ewyk, Product Manager, Cisco
Brad TerEick, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Overview of UCS Central and new feature discussion – Jacob van Ewyk

• 1:43– 8:33 For those who are new to UCS Central, what is it, and what are the main use cases of using it?
• 8:36– 13:35 I see that there is a new version of UCS Manager 3.0(1). Could you tell us a bit about that new release and how it impacts the UCS Central 1.2 release?
• 13:36– 15:39 If UCS Manager 3.0(1) is only for systems that use the 6324 FI, how do customers who have both the 6324 FI and other FIs management their environment from the same management tool?
• 15:39– 19:02 Besides supporting UCS Manager 3.0(1) and the 6324 FI, what other new features are part of the UCS Central 1.2(1a) release?

Deep Dive into UCS Central 1.2(1a) Features – Eric Williams

• 19:15– 21:32 So Jacob talked about the introduction of a new type of UCS Domain based on the 6324 FI’s integrated into the UCS Chassis’s. Can you talk a bit about how UCS Central manages both types of domains?

• 21:3335:55 Three Demos

• ******* DEMO ********* – Let’s look at how UCS Central models these elements
o Jacob also mentioned being able to configure fabric connections in both UCS Classic / miniature UCS with UCS Central, is that something you can show?
• ******* DEMO ********* – Let’s look at how UCS Central models these elements
o Unified KVM Launch Manager sounds like a pretty interesting feature. What is it, and how will it make customers lives easier?
• ***** DEMO ******** – Show Unified KVM Launch
• 36:17– 42:40 Earlier Jacob mentioned something called the Virtual MIT. What is this new Virtual MIT feature, and how does it impact users of UCS Central?
• 42:4047:22 ***** DEMO ******** – Show UCS PowerTool for UCS Central (Eric is showing something isn’t even released yet!)

UCS Central Customer Adoption / Migration Use Cases – Brad TerEick

• 47:40– Brad, I know you have been involved heavily in helping customers adopt UCS Central. How have customers been utilizing UCS Central across the different UCS Central releases?
• 47:30– 52:44 So, what is the implementation strategies and philosophies you recommend customers have for a successful adoption of UCS Central?
• 52:44– 54:54 Do customers REALLY need to fully migrate their environments from local to fully global to take advantage to UCS Central?
• 54:54– 58:54 What advantages does a customer have using UCS Central in a small UCS environment, say one or two UCS domains?

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