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UCS got some street cred on Packet Pushers Podcast!

Show 115 – What the FEX ? Cisco UCS


Show 115 – What the FEX ? Cisco UCS

Must is talked about VM integration, FEX, and UCS Networking. This focuses on how UCS connects to the datacenter. UCS is IaaS, so it is built to provide PaaS, and SaaS. Cloud 101.

They get deep down (at a high level, if that is possible) on the different pieces that make UCS and how it connects to any SAN vendor (Brocade for example), can do FCoE, iSCSI, and Ethernet. They miss why it integrates with vBlock technology, but that is OK, hook it to a NAS or SAN and you will see it. The pieces are covered well this makes the rack of gear and UCS magic pieces like vNIC into a whole rocking system.

Also the endless argument “Is it an IOM or FEX” is covered. I call them IOFEX’s, so there you go. History or the Palo card that makes a Blade do all the great vNIC’s and vHBA’s along with virtual MAC and WWPN’s and seamless failover happen is talked about.


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