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Time For Bitcoin Safe-haven

The dollar has been PUMPING but starting to see a bit of weakness on daily chart
Gold is aggressively bouncing off the daily 200ma like a Spartan!
BUT physical gold isn’t going to be available for a while
BTC has bounced off the weekly 200ma and is looking for action
DJI, SPX, and RUT all crap on the daily
Now that investors are no longer panicked and going to cash, cash will start moving to Gold and the market.
Safe-havens for big players and retail traders (little guys) will be Gold and (I think) Bitcoin and possibly in greatest demand until market bottoms are confirmed. No Market Bottoms Are Confirmed Yet! Be careful chasing bottoms, buy recoveries after confirmation.
On a daily Bitcoin chart notice that Bitcoin price is going to cross above the 200ma (white line) shortly. That will create a good deal of market confidence. Also at bottom of chart MACD is positive.
On a daily Bitcoin chart a positive MACD) blue MACD line over the red signal) is GREAT. A good deal of Bitcoin traders go between cash and bitcoin via MACD crossovers.
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