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Roles and Privileges in Cisco UCS

Figuring out granular access to Cisco UCS AAA. 

This document can helped:

Privileges in Cisco UCS, Release 2.1

For instance if you wanted to allow KVM access, power up, power down, and reset of Service Profile this would be the option:

Service_Profile_Server_Oper (ls-server-oper)

This privilege allows a user to control the power state of a service profile.
Tasks Allowed with this Privilege

A user with this privilege can perform the following tasks:
• Allows the user to control the power state of a Service Profile

Tested this out and it works as expected. The user will be able to see UCSM but will be limited to launching KVM. From UCSM “power up, power down, and reset” may be grey out. But those options are available once KVM is launched. This option is really meant for KVM Manager. This is my default for server teams to access their Service Profiles.

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