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Cisco UCS IO Module ambient temperature issue

It is said this is fixed in 1.4(3q). But have seen on the Cisco forums that is “started happening” for some on this release.

Resolved Caveats

The following caveats are resolved in the 1.4(3q) release:

  • IO Module ambient temperature sensors are accurate. (CSCtq13905)
  • False positive chassis thermal issues, power redundancy failures, PSU or fan module presence state changes due to I2C bus locking are no longer seen. (CSCtr65585)


With 1.4.(3m) have had an IOM go offline and have had to re-seat, so the issue is not 100% cosmetic every time. Also effected chassis crank fans to the max! Sounds like 747’s are flying through the server room.

Also on 1.4.(3m) I see Chassis thermal issues and endless PSU on/off issues.

For the most part all false alarms. But this does make monitoring with Call Home enabled.

Updating 6120/6140’s with 1.4(3y) cleared the issue almost 100%. Still have fans speed up now and then, but not full speed.

Update June/5/2012.
Have been running 2.0(q) and 6248’s and still have a “slight” issue. Once a month or so (running 30+ chassis) was have a chassis speed up and show similar errors. Will document better and update post.



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