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Oracle’s solution goes head to head with Cisco’s VCE

Tired Of Baiting Salesforce, Larry Ellison Takes It To Cisco

Not ever sure what to make of this. This is interesting but the real question is could Oracle Engineered Systems escape from being Oracle specific? If so could UCS have a competitor one day?  

Oracle has just launched its latest converged offering, the Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle’s solution goes head to head with Cisco’s VCE product that is itself a combination of kit and skills from Cisco, VMware and EMC. And this is where Ellison chimes in. He suggests that having one vendor produce all parts of the solution is best:

We’ve engineered all the pieces to work together, and we test all the software to work with the hardware. Relying on a system assembled with parts from three different vendors is more complex in the end

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