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How to live (And Appreciate UCS) by Adam Savage

How to live (And Appreciate UCS) by Adam Savage

How to live by Adam Savage to a bunch of Collage Graduates. It is something of us all to remember daily, made me teary. Think it is this attitude that makes the MythBusters show great.

Something Adam Savage said in a different lecture was we don’t respect the whole of an important statement. “Jack of all trades, master of none, often better than a master of one”.

In this lecture Adam says “People who are smart and work hard stick out like a sore thumb”.

This all reminds me of UCS systems and the people who are into them in this early stage! People who recognize the power of this new architecture really “Get” what Adam is talking about. If you “Get” the “Big Picture” you can do and learn anything! UCS systems are the “Big Picture” at the heart of the datacenter and the “Jack of all trades in IT” instantly recognizes what is next. UCS systems are not for experts. They fall more into the category of people who resonate with something Adams’ partner Jamie Hyneman said to an auditorium full of children, “Never underestimate the power of play”.



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