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Interview With Loralee Scaife – The Battle Of Our Time

Interview With Loralee Scaife – The Battle Of Our Time

About Guest

In addition to working with clients, I’m currently engaged in on-going deep study of ‘Lord of the Rings’ as the guiding Myth of our time. I’m in the process of developing a series of videos, and workshop material exploring this theme.

The Present Moment

We find ourselves at the Black Gate facing the Mouth of Sauron.

The Mouth of Sauron states “You are alone and without hope” – with FAKE evidence that all succumb, who don’t “Own Their Own Soul”.

The battle between good and evil has broken through the veil and is happening on Earth.

We come to it, the great battle of our time. ~ Gandalf (Return Of The King)

This interview a few years ago was with an 85 year old Loralee Scaife. Sharp in the wisdom us youngsters need today.


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