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Interesting Books on Cisco UCS

Have always liked the “Cookbook” format.

Over 40 practical recipes to get your hands dirty with the powerful Cisco UCS and overcome various challenges

About This Book
•Master the skills of minimizing cost, enabling your business to work faster by reducing cycle times for reporting and improving overall revenue
•Work through hands-on recipes for efficient deployment approaches, see computing techniques, and explore new operational models with UCS
•Render a better work-flow management, ensure effective monitoring, and learn new deployment paradigms for the operational infrastructure with the help of this book

This one looks like a good “First Book” on UCS for those interested in architecture or doing first build.

Implementing CISCO UCS Solutions – Second Edition

From Cisco press. As usual looks a bit dry but full of dense info.

Cisco UCS Deployment Best Practices: Expert advice for configuring and deploying Cisco UCS Systems (Networking Technology)

Cisco UCS offers a unique approach to deploying compute, network and storage resources in datacenter environments. UCS offers immense value, but requires datacenter professionals to master a new paradigm and an unfamiliar operational model, in which setup and operations are abstracted, and traditional server management techniques may no longer apply. Cisco UCS Deployment Best Practices brings together Cisco’s best expert guidance for every step of UCS setup, configuration, and deployment.

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