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How to replace failed 6200 series Cisco UCS FI

  1. Power on the FI and configure the device in standalone mode.  Don’t connect it to the existing cluster, only the management and console connections should be plugged in.  The following guide can be used as a reference for standalone configuration: Config Guide
  2. Verify that the UCS firmware version is set to the correct level.  This can be verified via the CLI, or by launching UCSM and checking the firmware version under the General tab.  If needed, upgrade/downgrade the code to match the other components in the UCS system.  The UCS Install/Upgrade guides can be used as a reference for changing firmware levels:
  3. Once the firmware version is at the correct level, perform the following to erase the configuration so the FI can be configured in cluster configuration:

UCS-FI-a# connect local-mgmt
UCS-FI-a(local-mgmt)# erase configuration

  1. Connect the new FI to the existing FI (L1/L2 cables), chassis (IOM cables) and upstream network (uplink Ethernet/FC cables)
  2. Type ‘yes’ at serial console to reboot the replacement FI
  3. After the reboot, configure the FI to join the cluster via the initial configuration wizard.  The Config Guide can be used a reference for this procedure.
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