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Find Service Profile for MAC on Cisco UCS

Both FI’s are a world onto themselves, always check both.

BigUCS-A# connect nxos a

Let’s say the MAC is 0050.1234.1234 and we find it on FIA.

BigUCS-A# show mac address-table dynamic  |grep 0050.1234.1234

* 327      0050.1234.1234    dynamic   0          F    F  Veth3724

Now we know the MAC belongs to Veth3724! 🙂

Another need might be listing all MAC’s in a vlan:

BigUCS-A# show mac address-table vlan 250

To find Service Profile the Virtual Interface (VIF) belongs to: 

BigUCS-B(nxos)# show interface vethernet 3724
Vethernet3724 is up
Bound Interface is port-channel1000
Hardware: Virtual, address: 7777.1234.9000 (bia 7777.1234.9000)
Description: server 8/7, VNIC nic7 (There ya go, the vethernet belongs to Server 8/7, nic7)
Encapsulation ARPA
Port mode is trunk
EtherType is 0x8100
885402916 unicast packets  6424 multicast packets  1543 broadcast packets
885410883 input packets  440712548014 bytes
0 input packet drops
1216581715 unicast packets  87995452 multicast packets  26284108 broadcast packets
1330861275 output packets  485079662330 bytes
0 flood packets
0 output packet drops

From knowing the Blade the corresponding Service Profile can be found with:

BigUCS-B(nxos)# exit

BigUCS-B(nxos)# show server assoc 8/7 

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