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Facebook and Juniper “Wedging” Cisco UCS?

The Wedge, and Juniper’s version of it (named the “OCX1100″), is designed to work with lots of open source software, too. People can program it with a common language like Python. It works with popular open source management tools from Chef and Puppet Labs.

Looking at the Wedge Hardware Design it looks like a UCS Blade. RealWorldUCS thinks their is no stopping the Wedge idea and open source SDN’s. BUT Cisco UCS could be a 100% player if they jump into integration with Wedge Architecture. You heard it here first, look for “UCS Wedge” as a supported architecture in the near future.

In the world of UCS an ideal that will go far towards success is “If you cannot beat them, Integrate them”.

Wedge Hardware Design
Wedge Hardware Design


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