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Expanding Automation with FlexPod XCS

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Our partnership with NetApp is stronger than ever with joint engineering development of the new FlexPod XCS. Introducing a new level of visibility and automation that can help propel your journey to hybrid cloud. The Cisco Intersight™ cloud operations platform with a data fabric powered by NetApp®ONTAP® helps your workloads span on-premises and cloud deployments. 

Fully operated with Cisco Intersight, delivering a SaaS based FlexPod lifecycle management, enabling full stack visibility and automation capabilities. 


FlexPod XCS offers out-of-the-box full stack automation workflows for day-to-day operations. From Day-0 initial configuration to Day-2 expansion of resources and capacity, and most importantly workload deployments. 


Providing visibility to a centralized and accurate inventory, health status alarms, capacity and usage monitoring, and compliance checks to validated standards for deployed infrastructure. 

Hybrid Cloud Services 

FlexPod is expanding its validated designs to Hybrid Cloud use cases: Burst for processing, burst for capacity, backup, disaster recovery, secondary storage in the cloud. Also expanding DevOps use cases with Cisco Intersight™ Kubernetes Service (IKS) with NetApp CSI (NetApp Astra Trident Container Storage Interface). The addition of Intersight Orchestrator with HashiCorp Terraform provides full automation to meet customer use cases within Hybrid Cloud. 

FlexPod as a Service 

Now you have a choice. Purchase FlexPod as you always have, or now take advantage of FlexPod as a Service, giving you the flexibility to use only what is needed and match costs to usage. Lowering your up-front costs and investments. 

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Author: Kelli Glass

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