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DON’T go to 2.2(5a) on C-Series!

Upgraded a UCS with 6296 FI’s and C240 servers from 2.2.(3d) to 2.2(5a).

Had to edit the adaptor code in the 2.2(5a) back to 2.2(3d) and the blades updated. But to get the servers to update had to acknowledge, restart CIMC, decom, recom and the servers were good to go.

The FI’s had trouble communicating with the CIMC’s until code was updated to 2.2(5a). So expect all the c-series to go red soon as the FI’s are updated.

TAC tried to recreate this in a lab but was unable. So maybe this is something specific to hardware in our C240’s. But our C220’s had the same issue.

Be careful out there UCS’ers!

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