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Crypto Trading Notes

Crypto Trading Notes

Very good interview with a very positive force in Crypto.

Getting Into The Market

How Do I Buy Crypto!?

If you are totally new to Crypto and would like to “get in” and buy some Bitcoin, start here. EVERYONE tends to start with Coinbase. If all you do is buy in a bit, and setup dollar cost averaging for any amount that works, you are making it happen. All will unfold from there.

How to Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – The Safe and Easy Way!

How do I get setup on a Crypto exchange, NOW!

Binance (BNB) Exchange Tutorial – How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Binance

Going to visit CryptoLove again for this. There are MANY exchanges. Binance is arguably the most popular.





RSI Hunter is a great way to see in real-time Over and Under sold coins, along with Neutral. Very good way to see what coins are moving.

RSI Hunter – Oversold & Overbought Crypto Assets

The below two indicators show Volume changes. These are very good in showing coins that are picking up.



Crypto Base Scanner is new to me. Have it listed here so I don’t forget to check it out further. Not recommending yet, but something to checkout.



Will write details for this soon, still figuring out but looks promising

The Cryptocurrency Signal Finder (Part 1)

The Cryptocurrency Signal Finder: Breakouts (Part 2)



Automated Trading (A Must!)

3commas Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Telegram 3commas

Using this might come a bit later, BUT getting your API keys setup for exchanges will come in handy latter.

3commas can be a bit to figure out at first, but after that is done… it will be your interface to trading and So Effective. Something that really moves me about it is having one interface to all exchanges. Saves endless time not having to login to each exchange. Also trailing stop loss AND trailing take profit… YES!



Working With Charts

If you get through all this, you know more than 90% of Crypto Traders. I made that 90% number up it is just an opinion… but I think it is correct.

The 7 Golden Rules of Day Traders

Rule #1: Don’t add to a losing position 0:57
Rule #2: Cut losses fast 6:10
Rule #3: Never re-buy a winner without a good reason 9:45
Rule #4: Never hold a stock overnight when there’s an earnings or FDA decision the next day 10:57
Rule #5: Never short strong stocks before 1pm 14:15
Rule #6: Never trade out of boredom 18:18
Rule #7: Scale out of winning positions 20:57


Totally Great Crypto Learning Series

These YouTube playlists are THE BEST and some of the video’s are referenced again on specific topics.
Trading212 is short and concise on all topics covered. I always go here first.

Beginner Guide To the RSI Indicator

Technical Analysis & Charting


Bollinger Bands

First off, what are they and how to use…

Bollinger Bands: Beginner Guide

Now let’s get Cosmic and Crazy and combine Fibonacci Radios to BB!

Bollinger Bands Fibonacci Ratios

If you used TradingView (if not, you should) checkout Shizaru:

His scripts (Cosmic Creations):

This one combines Bollinger Bands with Fibonacci Ratios and is SO WORKING for me. Very accurate and truly a Cosmic Creation!

Bollinger Bands Fibonacci Ratios



Most Common MACD Potential Buy and Sell Signals

MACD Potential Buy Signal

A potential buy signal is generated when the MACD (blue line) crosses above the MACD Signal Line (red line).

MACD Potential Sell Signal

Similarly, when the MACD crosses below the MACD Signal Line a possible sell signal is generated.

The MACD moving average crossover is one of many ways to interpret the MACD technical indicator. Using the MACD histogram and MACD divergence warnings are two other methods of using the MACD.

The Best Times to Use the MACD Indicator

Trading Lesson : Charting with Volume and Price

How to use MACD Indicator to Trade Stock & Binary Options



Above 70%

  – market over bought

  – maybe strength gone too far

Below 30%

– market is oversold

– maybe market down too far and should bounce


Beginner Guide To the RSI Indicator


RSI indicators normally chart a 10-day period of time.

All these indicators are a way of “taking the temperature” of the market.



Slow Stochastic for New Traders

What is Slow Stochastic Oscillator

Focus on Short/Day trade
Stochastics Trading Strategy Part 2



Using Divergence To Find Tops and Bottoms

Trade Double Tops and Bottoms

Double Top
Double Bottom

How to Trade Double Tops and Bottoms

Trend Channels

Beginner’s Guide to Trend Channels


Moving Average

For crypto my MA’s are 8, 50, 200, and 314

Trading 212 Trading Strategies: How to Trade Moving Averages (Part 1)

Trading 212 Trading Strategies: How to Trade Moving Averages (Part 2)



Cup and Handle

Trading the Cup and Handle – Stock Chart Pattern

What is a ‘Cup and Handle’
A cup and handle pattern on bar charts resembles its namesake, a cup with a handle. The cup is shaped as a “U” and the handle has a slight downward drift. The right-hand side of the pattern typically has low trading volume, and may be as short as seven weeks or as long as 65 weeks.

Read more: Cup and Handle



So far mastering other things, feel free to suggest badass vids and info on this topic. Trading212 does cover these.

These do prove to have validity and will post vid link and notes soon. 4/11/2018


Trend channels for beginners trading

These are a must. Be sure to check how these look with different time intervals.


Reversal patterns for beginners trading


Candle Formations

There is no way to study Candle’s enough. Much of this does get BORING but candles are a harsh reality that must be mastered!

(Most effective playlist of common candle types. BEST!)
Candlestick Reversal Patterns

(Short Intro)
Trading 212: How to Read Japanese Candlestick Charts?

(DEEP LEARNING, Take the time for this one)
“High Profit Trades found with Candlestick Breakout Patterns” – Stephen Bigalow

Tutorial Part 2 How to Analyze Candlesticks Charts with Strategy

HOW TO READ CANDLESTICK CHARTS 📈 Candlestick Patterns For Beginners

High Profit Candlestick Patterns: Advanced Candlestick Patterns

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