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Cisco UCS – Year End TCO Wrap-up

2013 was a year full of UCS for Mr. RealWorldUCS. Was fun. Setup over 320 Blades, and two UCS Pods of 20 chassis each. Hyper-V 2012 is proving to be amazing on UCS. For more on current Hyper-V projects checkout One day Kevin may start posting some Hyper-V content.

Bill Shields over at the Cisco Blog under Data Center and Cloud has wrapped up 2013 UCS progress.

From the post:

  • 77% reduction of ongoing administrative/management costs based on 29 customers.
  • 53% reduction in power & cooling based on 53 customers.
  • 77% reduction in cabling with an average cost savings of 71% based on 25 & 7 customers respectively.
  • 41% reduction in other operations costs based on 13 customers.
  • 87% reduction in provisioning times based on 78 customers.

Those numbers look accurate to me. Believe the “reduction of ongoing administrative/management costs” might be higher for many.

Happy New Year!

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