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Cisco UCS Music

“Have Fun” experiencing the spirit of Cisco UCS. UCS is one of the few pieces of hardware that has a personality, get to know it. Do more than just clone Service Profiles and piss-off Cisco TAC with zealous and rebellious disjoint layer 2. Create some art with UCS Architecture and administration. There is more to experience with UCS than the usual mediocrity a datacenter can offer. Imagine the manual for UCS being titled “Zen and the Art of UCS Maintenance”… and get to work.

I think a good tag line for UCS could be:
“Bite your teeth into the ass of life!” ~ Pascal from movie Big Night

Bach composed “Chaconne” around 1720 on the eve of the European Enlightenment. “Chaconne” is said to be a “Celebration of the breadth of human possibility”. Incorporate some “Chaconne” into your UCS Infrastructure.

“Chaconne”, music to UCS by!

Bach ‘s Chaconne for Solo Violin / Itzhak Perlman (Part 1/2)

Bach ‘s Chaconne for Solo Violin / Itzhak Perlman (Part 2/2)

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