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Cisco UCS: Major Announcement (E3 “Compute Cartridges”)

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The M-Series are optimized to provide what would usually be considered a “stand alone” 1u system with 1 CPU, 4 cores, and 32 to 128GB of memory. 16 Service Profiles can be provisions from 1 2u M-Series. M-Series are the answer to the need for Bare Metal requests.

Each of the 16 Service Profiles that can be provisioned per M-Series can have local disk (4 SSD’s that can have LUN’s assigned to Service Profile in boot policy) and/or boot from SAN. Next time a request comes in for that server that “Just has to have local disk and be bare metal” M-Series is the answer!

RWUCS Approved
RWUCS Approved

UCSGuru as always has the “Mad Knowledge” on the latest version of UCS Hardware.

The new M-Series Modular Servers are a an amazing leap in UCS Blade Hardware.

“Each 2RU M-Series Chassis can contain up to 8 front loading UCS M142 “Compute Cartridges” and each Compute Cartridge contains 2 independent Compute Nodes, each with a single Intel XEON 4Core E3 processor and 32GB RAM (4 DIMM Slots), with no Network Adapters, No storage and no peripherals. Just raw Compute and Memory” ~ from UCSGuru

M-Series Modular Servers
M-Series Modular Servers

Here is a picture from Chris Wahl on google+

Here is one “cartridge” for the new M-series architecture. It is two nodes of E3 compute with up to 64 GB of RAM (today)

E3 compute
E3 compute

Google+ Source

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