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Cisco UCS M4 Blades Are Here!

New Cisco UCS Servers: Redefining Scale Up, Scale Up and Scale Out

These are some amazing machines. Just done getting the M3 Series broken in, and M4’s are out!

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  • Scale Up—the UCS B260 M4 blade server scales out to
    • 160 Gbps of I/O bandwidth,
    • 1.5 TB of memory with eventual scalability to 3.0 TB of memory
    • 2 mezzanine slots and 1 built-in mLOM
    • Up to 2, 15-core, Intel® Xeon®  processor E7 v2s CPUs running at 155 Watts
    • An innovative design: The Cisco UCS B260 M4 server’s features a simple upgrade by adding another UCS B260 M4 blade module, along with the UCS M4 Scalable Connector, to double the compute, memory and I/O capability of the server.
  • Scale Out— these new Cisco servers inherit the benefits that all UCS Managed servers enjoy: fast, automatic, consistent, repeatable and error-free provisioning and deployment of servers.  In fact, an aggregate of UCS customers saved:
      • 61% reduction of ongoing administrative/management costs
      • 54% reduction in power & cooling
      • 77% reduction in cabling with an average cost savings of 71%
      • 41% reduction in other operations costs
      • 84% reduction in provisioning times
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