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Virtualized graphics from NVIDIA GRID™ with Cisco C240 M4 & VMware vSphere 6

Of course this is happening on C240 M4 Blades and C-Series sure ain’t B-Series in ease to manage. BUT if the payoff is big enough it’s worth it. The only reason to go C-Series is needing a graphics or some other special card. Still hoping Cisco will work out a B-Series that can do this.

Integrate Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server with NVIDIA GRID Graphics Processing Unit Card on VMware Horizon View 6.1

Esri development teams are developing ArcGIS Pro for virtualized environments.  Cisco has teamed with Esri by providing  a farm of Cisco Unified Computing Systems C240 M4 Servers for development and testing of virtualized ArcGIS Pro. The development team has bench-tested, debugged, and automated testing using Cisco servers backed with SSDs, and Nvidia K2 graphics processing units (GPUs).  The GPU (GPU)-based servers helped the development teams work in VMWare virtual environments and provided an advanced environment to fully demonstrate ArcGIS Pro’s graphic and rendering capabilities. – See more at:

The ability to virtualize enterprise workflows from the data center has not been possible until now due to low performance, poor user experience and limited server and application support. NVIDIA GRID 2.0 integrates the GPU into the data center and clears away these barriers by offering:

  • Doubled user density: NVIDIA GRID 2.0 doubles user density over the previous version, introduced last year, allowing up to 128 users per server. This enables enterprises to scale more cost effectively, expanding service to more employees at a lower cost per user.
  • Doubled application performance: Using the latest version of NVIDIA’s award-winningMaxwell™ GPU architecture, NVIDIA GRID 2.0 delivers twice the application performance as before — exceeding the performance of many native clients.
  • Blade server support: Enterprises can now run GRID-enabled virtual desktops on blade servers — not simply rack servers — from leading blade server providers.
  • Linux support: No longer limited to the Windows operating system, NVIDIA GRID 2.0 now enables enterprises in industries that depend on Linux applications and workflows to take advantage of graphics-accelerated virtualization.

– See more at:

Nearly a dozen Fortune 500 companies are completing trials of the NVIDIA GRID 2.0 beta. Major server vendors, including Cisco, Dell, HP and Lenovo, have qualified the GRID solution to run on 125 server models, including new blade servers. NVIDIA has worked closely with Citrix and VMware to bring a rich graphics experience to end-users on the industry’s leading virtualization platforms.  – See more at:


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