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My CiscoLive 2015 UCS Session List

RWUCS Approved
RWUCS Approved


Below is a list of sessions for the “UCS Centric” attendee of CiscoLive2015.

Get registered for CiscoLive 2015 in San Diego here it is going to be good this year!



Featured! This is a must for a Crash Course on Cisco UCS. Also great refresher on UCS.

TECCOM-2001 – Cisco Unified Computing System

Have to do a RealWorldUCS Shout Out for Chris Dunk who is one of the two presenters. Chris Dunk is a UCS Master. If you are new to UCS or want to ensure a complete foundation this is a must.

Craig Ashapa – Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Chris Dunk – TME, Cisco

This all day session will focus on the products and technologies of the Unified Computing System along with connectivity to LAN and SAN networks. The attendees will not be required to be experts on UCS but should be highly interested in learning the core technologies leveraged within the Cisco Unified Computing System and how it supports a highly dynamic and programmatic control of the Compute, LAN, and SAN infrastructure. This session will begin with an introduction of the UCS components and features to bring the Network engineer, Storage admin, and Server admin up to the latest knowledge of hardware and technologies available with UCS. We will continue with configuration deployment best practices and protocol operations of connected compute, LAN and storage. We will also discuss design best practices for deployment and application uses, including a review of pertinent security topics inherent to a converged system. This session then wraps up with Management and troubleshooting methods for the new and advanced uses of the UCS, from XML to CLI navigation. This session will include live demonstrations on UCS throughout the day to enhance the learning experience.

 The Office RWUCS Schedule

Official RWUCS CiscoLive2015 Schedule
Official RWUCS CiscoLive2015 Schedule


Must Haves

BRKCOM-2021 –  Where do we go from here? Lessons and landmarks from Real-World Cisco UCS Big Data Deployments

BRKCOM-1005 –  UCS Architecture Overview

BRKCOM-3008 –  Unraveling UCS Manager Features, Policies and Mechanics

PSODCT-1015 –  Managing Local and Remote UCS Domains through UCS Central

BRKCOM-2014 –  Scaling UCS Management with UCS Central

BRKCOM-2016 –  Upgrading Server Hardware in UCS without re-installing the Operating System

PSODCT-1014 –  Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) – Changing the Economics Data Center

BRKCOM-2020 –  Best Practices for UCS Fabric Interconnect & Fabric Extenders Upgrade without Any Service Disruption

PSODCT-2020 –  Cisco UCS Solutions for Big Data and Analytics



LTRCOM-2005 –  Managing UCS environments with UCS PowerTool (PowerShell)

LTRCRT-2601 –  Leveraging Cisco UCS Platform Emulator for Data Center Certification

LTRDCT-1446 –  How to Set Up a UCS Director POC

BRKCOM-1123 –  UCS Mini Overview

CCSDCT-2283 –  From PoC to Production – A Case Study of How a Global Customer Adopted VMware’s Virtual SAN on UCS


Totally Optional

PSODCT-2338 –  UCS Integrated Infrastructure Architecture

(this is a good one if you work with Storage connected to UCS)
BRKCOM-2007 –  UCS Storage Integration, Technologies, and Topologies

BRKCOM-2028 –  Next Generation Computing Architectures for Cloud Scale Applications

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