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Extending network operations across data centers, clouds, and regions

Nearly every global enterprise is working to improve the integration and automation of their IT resources as well as the speed, efficiency, and consistency of their IT operations. And while each company’s path is unique, there are common stepping stones along the way.

An IT footprint that starts with a single data center is eventually extended to:

·       A disaster recovery site

·       Branch offices and edge environments

·       One or more public clouds

·       Regional data centers, DR sites, clouds, and branch/edge environments

None of this happens at once, of course, which is why these are typically long-term journeys. And the key is a software-defined network (SDN) that can bring it all together, enabling policy consistency and operational efficiency across borders and computing environments.

Daimler AG, for example, recently integrated two data centers in Germany with an agile, secure VXLAN EVPN using Cisco Nexus switches. In doing so, they created an architectural blueprint that can be extended to different sites around the world.

According to Daimler AG leaders, it’s the first step on their journey toward a zero-trust, software-defined, globally distributed IT environment. One that strikes the right balance between global consistency and regional autonomy.

As you progress from traditional, siloed IT domains to modernized infrastructure and operations that extend across data centers, clouds, and regions, be sure to learn from those who have already forged a path forward and tap the experts who are helping them reach their destination.

After all, long-term journeys are always better with an experienced guide.

To learn more about Daimler AG’s multi-site, multi-tenant, software-defined data center network, read the full case study.



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Author: Todd Brannon

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