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Exploring the New Features of Python 3.12

Python 3.12 is here! Our regular guests, Geir Arne Hjelle and Christopher Trudeau, return to discuss the new version. Geir Arne coordinated a series of preview articles with several members of the Real Python team this year, and his showcase tutorial, “Python 3.12: Cool New Features for You to Try,” came out on October 2. Christopher’s video course was posted the next day, covering the topics from the article with visual examples of Python 3.12 in action.

Geir Arne and Christopher collaborated to create code examples of the new features. We discuss better error messaging, more intuitive f-strings, subinterpreters, the Linux perf profiler, improved typing syntax, and more.

We dig into the updates and offer advice on incorporating them into your projects. We also consider when you should start running Python 3.12.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:02:15 – Preview tutorials
  • 00:05:08 – Ever better error messages
  • 00:10:03 – More powerful f-strings
  • 00:15:46 – Comprehension inlining & additional optimizations
  • 00:21:24 – Support for subinterpreters
  • 00:27:55 – Support for the Linux perf profiler
  • 00:32:02 – Immortal objects
  • 00:35:01 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:36:03 – Calendar constants for days and months
  • 00:38:48 – New itertools.batched() for grouping Items
  • 00:40:53 – Improved type variable syntax
  • 00:50:51 – New Path.walk() for listing files in subdirectories
  • 00:53:04 – Override decorator for static typing
  • 00:57:36 – Advice on upgrading
  • 01:03:08 – Thanks to the core developer team
  • 01:04:39 – Thanks to the Real Python team and goodbye

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