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Cloud Adoption Patterns – Citrix Synergy 2012 Keynote

This coming Thursday, May 10, I’ll be giving one of the keynote speeches at the Citrix Synergy 2012 conference in San Francisco. My talk is in the morning and comes right after a distinguished speaker: Sameer Dholakia, GM of the Cloud Platforms Group at Citrix.

You can see the description of the two talks (and the one by Citrix CEO Mark Templeton who speaks on Wednesday) on this Featured Speakers page

The title of my talk is “From the Bottom Up: Patterns of Cloud Adoption”. Here’s the abstract:

The current pattern of cloud adoption in the enterprise may surprise you. Rather than big, strategic, top-down decisions set by the CIO, cloud computing services – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – are being adopted primarily through a pattern of bottom-up adoption. Rank-and-file developers, IT administrators and business decision-makers are embracing cloud services and using them as a way to get their jobs done and drive the outcomes expected of them. In this talk, Geva Perry will explore this phenomenon, including its causes and the implications for the enterprise, as well as for vendors.

Regular readers of my blog know I write about this topic a lot (see recently Cloud Computing and SaaS Models Are About Bottom-Up Adoption and this post on the CloudSleuth Blog). In this talk, besides describing the phenomenon, I move a step further to discuss in more detail the implication of this adoption pattern to two groups: enterprise customers and SaaS/cloud vendors.

After the talk there will be a link to the video and slides. If you can’t make it to Moscone on Thursday you can watch it live on the web from here:

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Author: Geva Perry

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