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3 Reasons Why Cisco SAN Is the Best Choice

1. Investment Protection

While Cisco has delivered dynamic investment protection since 2004, it’s taken competitors 15 years to make equivalent claims. In practice, Cisco continues to deliver investment protection with a seamless in-service software upgrade while competitor offerings consist of disruptive downtimes, higher risk and higher costs. Below is Cisco’s track record illustrating investment protection. Cisco has been shipping 64G-ready SAN directors since December 2019.

A history of Cisco storage investment protection.

2. SAN Analytics

In addition, Cisco continues to lead in SAN analytics, addressing customer needs for visibility and security. Combining the best ASICs, hardware, and software in the industry, SAN Insights is the industry’s first architecture completely revolutionizing the way FC SAN customers can respond, quantify and guard their storage infrastructure against performance issues.

Learn more about SAN analytics and SAN Insights.Watch SAN Insights: Next Generation Network Visibility with Cisco Live Digital on demand.

3. Multi-Protocol Support

Last but not least, Cisco supports different networking protocol requirements that customers use to meet their storage needs around block, file and object. Networking protocol needs may vary from NAS, to iSCSI, SCSI-FC, NVMe-FC, NVMe-TCP, NVMe-RoCE and NVMe-SSD. To learn more about NVMe transport, watch Storage Field Day 2020: NVMe Transport.

Network Architecture Leadership

Cisco is the leader in data center networking, providing choices in terms of storage protocols. Cisco is honored to be a one-stop-shop offering in-line analytics to meet customer storage networking needs, across these various NVMe protocols, in an architecture which respects and protects the investments customers have made in their network.

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Author: Adarsh Viswanathan

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