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Don Shift – – Hope For The Goodness of Mankind

You will need to defend your home and neighborhood from riots

“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” (Thomas Sowell​). The first two rules of Matt Graham’s Killhouse Rules:
1. Nobody is coming to save you.
2. Everything is your responsibility.

About Guest

Don Shift is a veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and avid fan of post-apocalyptic literature and film who has pushed a black and white for a mile or two. He is a student of disasters, history, and current events. His fiction works include the non-fiction Suburban Defense/Warfare series, Nuclear Survival in the Suburbs, the Ventura County Sheriff EMP series (Hard Favored Rage and Blood Dimmed Tide), Late For Doomsday, and Limited Exchange, both nuclear war survival novels. Follow him on Twitter @DonShift3

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