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Learning Cisco UCS Page

First we start with “Essential Video’s to go from 0-60 quickly with Cisco UCS“. If you have “No” experience with Cisco UCS and want to get started.

Fundamentals of Cisco’s Unified Computing System, podcast 296


Install the Cisco UCS Emulator 

This can be skipped and done later, but it is nice to have while watching following video’s.

Setup from racking to Service Profile


Cisco UCS Whiteboard part 1 & 2

Very fun and informative whiteboard style run through on UCS Architecture. Some things are best explained with a whiteboard, and these video’s are a great example of that. Essential watching.

Implementing Cisco UCS Video

This is a very granular without being the slightest bit boring presentation. Truly enjoyed these two video’s and learned a lot. Covers all the technology that Cisco UCS makes easy. Goes into deep detail on how IOM’s work, how UCS “End Host” mode works with STP, FC overvew, and much more. Watching these is like learning how to draft with pencils and compass. Essential skills that help a person be better at CAD.

Take some time and watch these. Get good!

CCIE Data Center :: UCS

Great quality training from INE (CCIE Data Center :: UCS). This covers the hardware basics that make a UCS and some extreme intro to UCS network connectivity.

If you have made it this far you are a master, go Cisco UCS like a pro! 


The following video’s are “Deep Dives” on specific parts of UCS. 


UCS PowerShell capabilities and a real-world example

UCS automates to an extreme with PowerShell. If that interests you, this post is how to automate bare metal UCS to production based on template. Have used this, it works.

Cisco UCS Networking videos (in HD), Updated & Improved!

Brad Hedlund is a genius and this series on UCS is hours and hours of deep diving on the technology.

General Reference below


Cisco UCS Advantage Video Library

Every great reason for UCS!

Don’t miss:

Microsoft Hyper-V on UCS (4:37 min)
Deploy Microsoft Hyper-V on Cisco UCS.

And lastly the Resources/Links page on this site.

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