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How to properly remove/reacknowledge a UCS chassis

During a recent code update (1.4_3m to 1.4_3y), one of our chassis’s was in a funky state. After some research & consulting with Cisco Advanced Services (yes, we are that lucky), recommendation was to re-acknowledge the problem chassis. Here are the steps we took to properly remove a chassis from UCS, and re-acknowledge it:

  1. Power off all of the servers in the problem chassis
  2. Disassociate service profiles for all of the aforementioned blades
  3. Unplug the power from the problem chassis
  4. Remove the chassis from UCS (right click, Remove)
  5. Once the chassis is gone from UCS, unconfigure the server ports for the problem chassis (the ports will disappear from your list of server ports)
  6. Power on the problem chassis
  7. Reconfigure the server ports for the problem chassis on each FI, this will cause the chassis to reappear
  8. Right click on the problem chassis, and acknowledge the chassis
  9. Wait…
  10. Wait……
  11. Wait………
  12. Once properly acknowledged, start associating service profiles (FSM gives great details on status, as does the Service profile>Server Details>Status details drop down view)
  13. Wait
  14. Wait
  15. The problem chassis should no longer be a problem chassis. 🙂
  16. Done.

This may seem a little verbose, but this thorough method is proven to work properly. Thanks!

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